Hookah charcoal or similarly to shisha charcoal is a type of charcoal made from natural ingredients, be it rambutan, natural plots, halaban, guava, tamarind wood, mangrove wood and various other types of wood. 

Moreover, there are still many advantages that you can get only by using this quality Hookah charcoal. Here are some of the advantages of Hookah Charcoal that you need to know, including:

What are the Advantages of Hookah Charcoal?

  1. Burned at the Best Temperature

Charcoal from this pohacee is the best type of charcoal that is burned using the best temperature too. Produces less charcoal ash for various needs such as barbeque and industrial needs. Burn time is 1000 F complete with good heat consistency

You will be more comfortable cooking because this charcoal takes a relatively long time to make the product. This type of charcoal is also very suitable for grilling, smoking, and outdoor cooking. While burning hookah charcoal is definitely a little different from shisa

Because Hookah charcoal itself takes about 2.5 hours to burn. This type of product is also proven to be environmentally friendly and pollution-free anywhere, you as a consumer can use this charcoal with various needs because it is very useful for you.

  • Made of Quality Materials

Charcoal produced directly by pohacee is the best type of charcoal produced from the best basic ingredients. One of them is tamarind tree, mangrove tree, guava tree and various types of trees. These trees are definitely the best trees for this charcoal.

One of them is hookah charcoal made from natural raw materials, namely coconut wood from Sulawesi and Sumatra. This type of wood burning is also quite good because it takes a long time. Premium products from this type of charcoal also do not require chemicals and burn longer.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Discover a much different kind of experience just by choosing this type of charcoal, this one is made from hardwood and coconut wood chips. The charcoal briquettes we produce also burn a little bit longer than usual. Even the temperature of this charcoal is also much longer than other charcoal.

Made from a combination of natural binders and fillers, either dust or coal and compressed manually into pillow shapes or various other shapes such as hexagonal shapes. There are many reasons why you should choose our charcoal products, one of which is environmentally friendly.

Please note that no tree species are cut down to make this type of charcoal. As pohacee charcoal itself is the healthiest for you. It’s also very environmentally friendly, as it doesn’t contain a variety of certain chemicals and lasts faster throughout the session.

This type of charcoal can also easily survive because the duration of burning is much longer than other charcoal. You don’t need to worry because this charcoal has also been tested 30 times without even cracking. This charcoal is also proven to be smokeless nor does it produce any odor. This charcoal is also very flammable and the burning time is much longer than other charcoal.

So that can be explained about the reasons why you should choose Hookah Charcoal, and I hope this article is useful.


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